Top 6 Benefits of Cheap Email Marketing 

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If you run email campaigns to nurture your leads, you probably already know that running email marketing campaigns can get expensive really quickly. With tools like Aweber charging $26 – $30 for 500 – 2000 subscribers, it is no longer feasible for small businesses and freelancers. 

Expensive email marketing campaigns can really eat away from your business’s profits. But that’s not all. Here are 6 reasons for you to use cheap email marketing: 

  1. Bigger Profits 

This benefit is quite obvious, isn’t it? If you spend less to acquire new customers, you actually automatically add that to your profit. It is, therefore, really important to seek out inexpensive ways to run those email marketing campaigns. 

Since we are discussing this, (and because we love money lol), we would like to introduce you to our app AutoPitch. AutoPitch is a cold email marketing tool which is arguably one of the most inexpensive ones in the market. By just throwing $19 our way, you’ll be able to send out 2,000 emails. 

Awesome, right? Let us invite you to try AutoPitch free for 7 days. 

  1. Build relationships 

Sending out personalized emails to prospects or customers is the best way to build loyalty. Period. You can also try to give free doughnuts, but unless you plan on making Dunkin’s richer, emails are the way to go! We recommend that you send out emails that add value to your audience’s life. That way, people actually look forward to your emails. And when you don’t, chances are they’ll actually miss you! (awww 😉) 

  1. Drive Sales 

Once your audience has some sort of connection with you, they will actually consider buying from you. Like we often say here at AutoPitch, grab their eyes, grab their clicks, and then grab their wallet. Sales using emails is not easy, but can be made possible and even highly profitable. 

  1. Scale Up Your Business 
  1. Superior Return on Investment 
  1. Quickly analyze Results 

Email campaigns give you the flexibility  

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