Harness the power of drip sequences
Send automated personalized follow-ups to build warm relationships with cold prospects
  • Super easy to use - it takes seconds to install. No tech skills required.
  • Boost your email open rates by landing in prospects inboxes on a regular basis.
  • Monitor the progress of your emails with email tracking and real-time reporting.
  • Stay CAN-SPAM Compliant by automatically pulling unsubscribers in the suppression list.
It’s easy to use, and only takes two minutes to set up
Free forever / No Credit Card Required
Everything at one place
Prospecting Solution For Small Business
Suite of powerful tools | No need to juggle apps

Early Stage

See the full history of an email thread at one place and reply with the needed context.



Send personalize cold emails in bulk with mail merge campaign feature. Also, our in-depth analytics show you who is opening your e-mails, who replied, and more.



Scale your outreach - you can email 1,000 businesses quickly, but you can do it with real personalization.



Sequences are the holy grail of cold emailing. Send personalized follow-ups to improve your response rates.


Sales Development

Send thousands of emails in a go without sacrificing personalization. With Autopitch, you can schedule emails too so that you can send emails at a time when they're most likely to be read.



Ease of use - manage all your client emails from one account. Autopitch lets you send them on behalf of your clients too (in their name).



It's important for the consultants to spread the word in every medium possible. Autopitch helps them create campaigns with automated follow-ups and track their success rates. Sending personalized emails will improve your response rate.


Customer Success

Want to reach your customers with right message at the right time? Autopitch lets you send behavior based auto follow-ups, scheduling your emails at the right time and more.

Broadcast Emails

Sometimes you need to talk to everyone on your list at once. Use broadcasts to send sales offers, newsletters or other seasonal messages.

Email Funnels

Get more conversions from your email. Send personalized automatic follow-ups that turns your contacts from interested leads to paying customers.

Email Scheduling

Schedule emails for a specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays, and sales teams.


Triggered Emails

Want to get better revenue per email? Reach people with relevant messages every single time. The more relevant your messages the better the engagement, and hence conversions.

What Type Emails You Send

We need to send various kind of emails, may be mass emails or drip emails.

AutoPitch let you create emails of your choice as and when you need.

AutoPitch is a perfect tool for any kind of email you need to set.

How Does AutoPitch Works?

Search your target personas on LinkedIn with our free Chrome Extension, collect their contact information and start getting warm leads. Automate cold emails for sales development and increase your outreach. Filter out bounce and auto reply in inbox.

Qualify more leads with auto followups, engage with them with instant notification and track your sales development progress.


Connect your account with GMAIL, OFFICE, SMTP or any other provider youy like

Custom Fields

Create fields as per your business needs

Import Contacts

Upload a CSV or Pull Data from Linkedin


Make it look like each mail is unique

Create Campagin

Set up you delivery time duration and cadence

Send Followups

Set your follo-up emails, real conversion happens there


Save time by only looking at relevant emails


Check reports and improve campaign

Get Started

Why choose AutoPitch?
Are you a small business owner paying too much on Saas?
  • Cost Effective : Everybody in the industry charge Per User - we don't. We charge you on your usage not for adding users.
  • Awesome Customer Support : We believe in the mantra customer success is your success. We'll guide you through your lead generation campaign set up, so you can keep your focus on driving sales.
  • User-Friendly Interface : Running a business is tough but using Autopitch isn't. With a friendly and straightforward interface, it’s easy getting to use all the features and create your campaigns.
Know what happens after you click send - Emails secret weapon
  • Know who're opening your emails and when?
  • Know how many times an email has been opened?
  • Know which links are getting clicked and how many times they get clicked on?
  • Send behavior based follow-ups and track their success rates.
  • Don't just send emails - make informed decisions by looking at your recipient's behavior.
Scale communication without sacrificing personalization
  • Send personalized emails to multiple prospects on the go to nurture relationships
  • Set automated follow-ups to 10X your emails open and reply rates
  • Get insights of every follow-up email from open to reply rate
  • Use email scheduling to land in inboxes at the right time
More Reasons to Have AutoPitch
Email Marketing Automation Tool with All the Features that Saves Time

Email Tracking

Track Opens, Clicks and Bounces

Send Later

Schedule single or bulk mail to be delivered later.


Create a multi step marketing or sales sequence


Email templates to help you respond quickly


Create, schedule and assign tasks to never miss a follow-up


Suppression List

Add domains and emails to suppression list, to prevent CAN-SPAM violations

List Managment

Create, segment and group customers in different lists to deliver effective messaging.


Create, Send and Manage your meetings from the Web App


Document Management

Coming Soon.



Coming Soon.


Email Two way Sync

Sync Mails from your inbox to AutoPitch.


Filters bounces and auto reply for you.

Simplified Pricing for your business
Premium plans and pricing
Choose the Right AutoPitch Plan and Grow Your Business


  • 500 Contacts
  • 500 Emails / month
  • Auto Follow-ups
  • Team Based Pricing
  • All other features included
$ 0 Per Month


  • 10000 Contacts
  • 20000 Emails / month
  • Auto Follow-ups
  • Team Based Pricing
  • All other features included
$ 19 Per Month


  • 50000 Contacts
  • 50000 Emails / month
  • Auto Follow-ups
  • Team Based Pricing
  • All other features included
$ 49 Per Month
Frequently Asked Questions

Just an existing email ID. Sign-up from here and start using all the features immediately.

Access to all our features. Manage up to 2000 contacts with interaction history. Send up to 4000 fresh emails each month.

Click on “Email” and then “Create Mail”. Enter a valid email address in the “To” field, choose your template or just write “Test Email”, and hit the “Send” button.

It depends on your subscription.

We use your email provider’s SMTP Server to send emails. This way your emails don’t land in the promotion folder.

AutoPitch is being developed by our expert software developers which is closely working with our SDR team. We want to make a product which reduces the number of actions you have to take to complete an outreach.

Email providers have different sending limits e.g. Gmail allows up-to 500 emails/day. Contact your email provider for an accurate number.

Our AI engine detects and manages bounces for you so that you only spend time on what’s relevant.

Absolutely! Send us an email on [email protected] or hit the “Book A Demo” button, fill up the details and that’s it. One of our experts will reach you on requested time.

Please refer to our Terms for more details.

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